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Monday, November 26, 2007

Whole Lotta Checkin' Goin' On

Before I begin to regale you with our hockey adventures Friday night I have to tell you what happened this morning.

I've mentioned before the Student Arts Leader from church - Ben - is living with us until his wedding in May. His fiance's roommate has been out of town for a while and Katie hates to be alone at night so she oftentimes stays here. When Katie is here she sleeps in Ben's room and Ben sleeps on the futon in the finished side of the basement.

There is a door on the left at the bottom of the basement stairs that leads to the unfinished side of the basement. But if you turn right it brings you into the finished side where we have my keyboard, a desk with a computer, Todd and Taylor's guitars, book case, cabinet - just a bunch of stuff. Then the room dog legs to the right and that's where we have a TV/stereo, two recliners and the futon.

Ben's door was closed when I came down this morning to download the pictures off my camera, pulled up iTunes and started rocking out to a little Barlow Girl. I'm pretty sure I was trying to sing with them, too. Then I hear Ben's voice. I WOKE HIM UP! For some reason I can't figure out I thought Katie hadn't come back from Thanksgiving yet or something, thinking Ben was in the room and no one was down here. I didn't even look at the futon when I came down!

The thought of singing in front of Ben is bad enough because, like I said, he IS the student arts leader. However, I've never professed to be a good singer so whatever. What has me worried, though, is the fact I carry on entire conversations with myself because no one appreciates my wit and intelligence near as much as I do. I wracked my brain trying to remember what I may have said, but I came up blank. Hopefully because I didn't say anything, but more likely because I've already erased the humiliation from all conscious thought.

Okay. On to the hockey game...

Friday night was a beautiful, though cold, night.

Todd accuses me of being late a lot of the time, but the truth is usually show up right on the dot. The problem is that he's usually much too early. The hockey game didn't start until 7:00 and we were at the arena around 5:30. We spent 15 or 20 minutes in the gift shop so he could buy a Flyers hat (even though we were there to see the much less expensive Phantoms). But then the shop temporarily closed and we were forced to stand outside in the bitter cold for another 10 or 15 minutes until they opened the doors. It was kind of cool that we were the first ones through the turnstile, though!

The Wachovia Center is a niiiice arena and had photo opportunities at every turn. Here are a few:

A "hat trick" in hockey is when a player makes three goals in one game. When that happens the crowd goes wild and throws their hat onto the ice. I, for one, am appalled at that custom. Hats are expensive!! Anyway, this case is filled with all the hats they've collected at Flyers games over the years.

Then we have the pretty Christmas tree in the lobby. Had to snap that.

And last in this line is one of the food service places. It's wrong to go to a sporting event and not partake in the delicious arena fare they serve. Seriously. That's part of the fun. It's why I don't care for sports on TV.

That would be Todd living his fantasy of being an NHL hockey player for a few minutes. This was perfect for him as he can't ice skate. And the guitar is Bonnie Raitt's.

This picture kind of cracked me up. Players from both teams were stretching before the game, just chatting with each other. I imagined they were saying things like, "So, how's your sister? I haven't seen her in forever." While Todd figured they were saying things like, "Yeah. I know how your sister is. I just saw her last night."

This was the closest they came to a fight. It's more like a pile up in the goal. Even the broken stick wasn't from something exciting like using it as a club or anything. While there were no actual fights there were a lot of penalties and a ton of checking. One of the players got "two minutes for hooking". Somehow I always thought hooking carried a longer sentence than that.

The final score, as you can see, was 2-1 Hershey. Bummer. And do you know what this guy has in his ice chest? Not a case of beer. Not spare organs. Hockey pucks. They keep them cold when they're not in play. Why?

My last thought about the hockey game is regarding some of the names. Can anyone guess what these names brought to mind?


Besides that they're all French they reminded me of either movies or books. Know which ones??

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