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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Becky at Stuck in Frump, Striving for Fab has honored me with a new and exciting award - Blogging that Hits the Mark.

A little about Becky first. I think the title of her blog alone deserves an award. It always makes me smile. And I love the stories she tells about life with a husband and two boys. Sometimes light and silly. Sometimes deep and spiritual. Good stuff.

Another thing about Becky, she loves "A Christmas Story" and quotes it every now and again. Considering we watch it about a bajillion times from Thanksgiving until way past Christmas, how can I not love that about her?? Which reminds me of a story... but that will have to wait.

So she bestowed me with the Blogging that Hits the Mark award. I'm not sure what mark it is I hit. Sometimes the whiney mark. Sometimes the insipid mark. Sometimes the insipid whiney mark. A lot of times the mark is just plain silly. Regardless, I thank her for thinking of me.

Now who to pass the accolade on to. This is always the hardest part about getting an award. I want to pass it on to everyone. But, alas, I cannot do that. So I bestow this honor on Gretchen at Good Enough for Now. The blog description says:

This blog is a discovery and journey process for me. At this point, I've figured that my battles with perfectionism are futile. This side of Heaven, I won't ever be perfect. And, that's okay. I'm good enough for now. I hope you leave feeling good enough, too. Because you are.
This blog is very new, but Gretchen is not new to blogging. She writes with honest vulnerability and she truly does hit the mark every. single. time. I count her as one of my very good cyberfriends and am happy to pass this on to her.

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