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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And The Love Never Ends...

There's yet another award making it's way around bloglandia and yours truly is the latest recipient. The presenter is Deb, the lovely lady I have already established as kind. This is just more proof of it.

Thank you, Deb!!

Deciding who to pass this on to was made slightly easier by the fact that quite a few bloggers have recently received this so I won't pass it back to them. That still leaves a bunch of deserving folks, though. *sigh* I settled on two ladies who always leave such encouraging comments.

Eileen at A Life of Triggers is truly one of the most giving people I've ever had the pleasure to "know". She's a wife, a mother of three teenage girls AND a social worker. She sees things that most of us would run away from screaming all the way. But she selflessly does what is best for her clients and their families. Not just anyone can do what she does and to do it right she has to have a big heart. And from what I've learned of her in the months I've been reading her blog, she's got the biggest heart around.

April at For His Glory and My Good is a humble, huge-hearted wife and mother of two young children. Her words are always gentle and encouraging, sweet and funny, honest and inspiring. Her family has dealt with tragedy in the last year and yet her faith shines through in her words. In short, she lives out her faith on the pages of her blog.

*edit - April has THREE children, not two! Duh!!*


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