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Friday, March 16, 2007

The End of a Week

Even though the standardized testing for the kids ended yesterday I still got up to make breakfast this morning. Sort of a last hurrah for the kids. Todd said I should write up a contract to the effect of I, T-Money, promise to move out of the house within two weeks of graduating high school and place it on his plate, but I didn't do it.

I fried a pound of bacon and ate nearly half of that pound myself. I also had two Pillsbury Grande biscuits. And I learned this nifty little Weight Watchers trick. If I don't write down what I ate then I can't keep track of those points so it's like I never ate them. Sweet!

I went to THE Mall yesterday. When I say THE Mall, I mean King of Prussia Mall, the second largest in the country. I don't live to shop like some women do, but I did buy a few pairs of pants and a blouse and it made me very happy. While trying on some clothes in a very small dressing room the husband called. He asked if I would go to Costco for some essentials (beef jerkey, cheese balls - that sort of thing) since I was in the area. Still on my Proverbs 31 high, I agreed. I loaded up the cart, got to the checkout line, and found out I couldn't write a check because MY name isn't on my card. The ATM ate my debit card a few weeks ago and I haven't replaced it and I don't have an American Express. So I had to leave empty handed.

Two days ago our temperatures were near 80. It was lovely. We've had nothing but sleet all day long today with no end any time soon. I've been impressed with the way they keep the roads cleared here when there's a "winter precipitation event", but it's not so easy to keep them safe when it's sleet. The schools were dismissed two hours early and most offices in the area closed early. I'm quite happy to be in for the day. If only I had the energy to make some chocolate chip cookies. I could eat as many as I want since I learned my new trick.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Todd has said he'll get up and make breakfast for us and I'm more than happy to let him. I just hope I remember to turn off my alarm tonight.

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