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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So Long Mother of the Year

Taylor catches the high school bus at 6:55. Most mornings I’m still asleep at this time. I wake up enough to hear him call out “goodbye” from the door as he’s leaving, to which I reply “rmpsghs”, which loosely translated means, “Goodbye, Dear. Have a nice day at school. Be sure to bundle up as the wind chill is below zero and make good choices!”

But yesterday, whatever chance I had at Mother of the Year slid from my tenuous grasp with one simple conversation:

T-Money: Terranova testing starts tomorrow so you need to get up early and make me a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast.

Mama-J: *snort* Yeah, right. You think I’m going to get up before 6:00 just to cook you some sausage?

T-Money: It would be kind of nice to see you in the mornings instead of hearing “rmpsghs” from your bedroom when I tell you goodbye.

Mama-J: Okay. I’ll be sure to wake up enough so that I can clearly enunciate as I tell you goodbye.

T-Money: If you don’t get up to make me a healthy breakfast I’ll do poorly on the test and I’ll end up living at home forever.

Mama-J: So you think 5:55 is early enough?

Actions may speak louder than words, but it’s usually my words, not my actions, that get me into trouble. I was the consummate Proverbs 31 woman this morning by getting up and cooking sausage, baking croissants, cutting up fruit and pouring milk. He even called me blessed. And then:

T-Money: Thank you for making this very yummy breakfast.

Mama-J: You’re welcome. Does it meet your pre-test requirements?

T-Money: Yes. I’m sure I’ll do very well now that I’ve had all this brain food.

Mama-J: Good. When are you moving out?


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