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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Wine Club

Todd and I went to a neighbor's house last night for the newly founded Wine Club and had a blast. Including us there were five couples and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. It's a crazy, irreverent bunch and I think we fit right in.

One of the women has a wine club book and we're following that. Every month is a different wine and each couple takes a turn hosting. This month's wine was Cabernet Sauvignon and the host picked 2003 wines. We each brought a different region, i.e., Napa, Sonoma, etc. Then the host prepares either a meal or appetizers that are suggested for that particular wine.

After we'd all sat down at the table we were each given a wine tasting form and a bottle of water. One of the women read from the book, describing what we were to look for as far as aroma, color, taste, etc. With the bottle covered the host poured the first wine and we all went about the business of smelling, swirling, smelling again, tasting, commenting, and taking notes. Todd, not being a big fan of wine, took note of the yuck factor of each wine.

After all the wines had been sampled we tried to figure out which wine was which, including which one was the ringer - the one wine that didn't fit into the category. I'm not wine savvy in the least and didn't get any of them right. I've not been much for red wine, which is a shame because that's where the health benefits are. But Todd and I both liked the first wine we tried last night so I may pick up a bottle of that the next time we grill steaks (Chateau St. Michelle 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon).

Better than the wine and the delicious food we had last night was getting to know these neighbors and laughing until it hurt. I've likened this neighborhood to Desparate Housewives sans the designer clothes, murder, mayhem and yummy lawn boys in the past, but I've changed my mind. This place is way better.


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