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Monday, February 19, 2007

Abba-Zaba Baby!!

One of my favorite candies ever is the Abba-Zaba. Not so good for the teeth, but very, VERY good for the tummy. Unfortunately they're not so easy to find any more. But fortunately, there is a candy store in the King of Prussia Mall that sells them. I was in there buying candy for Christmas stockings and picked one of these little numbers up for myself. I hadn't gotten around to eating it and yesterday I was so glad! I ate it and watched "The Quick and the Dead" in my bed and it was a long moment of sheer pleasure. Yea for me.

I'm off to see the gynecologist in a little bit. My "normal post-biopsy bleeding" has turned into what we think may be a slow hemorrhage. My very cynical self is thinking, of course it is. My poor kids have had to cancel whatever plans they'd made with their friends today and I know Todd really wanted to spend his day off work taking care of me. Oh wait. That's always what he does on his day off work.

Taylor came in my room to see how I was feeling and I started crying. Poor guy. LOL When I could finally talk I told him I was so sorry he was having to cancel his plans today and what a lousy day off school it was turning out to be because of me. He just hugged me and said it was okay. Then Katie came in and I apologized to her for the lousy vacation day and she also said it was okay and gave me love.

*sigh* You know, even in the midst of all this medical stuff, it's still good to be me.

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