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Monday, February 12, 2007

Blizzard Food

According to weather people everywhere, we may or may not be getting our first storm of the winter tomorrow. They all agree it will snow. That's not in question. What IS in question is how much. Will it be merely a nuisance snow or a plowable snow? I don't think they have any idea and we'll all find out at the same time.

I hate going to the grocery store the day before a "winter precipitation event" and usually try to avoid it. But even if the forecast for tomorrow was sunny and 70, I still couldn't have waited. And heaven forbid we do get stuck in the house for a couple of days with nothing more than microwave popcorn, saltines and water. Hearing "There's nothing to eat," is bad enough when I can point out several different food options. When there really isn't anything to eat I can't be my usual snarky, righteously indignant self.

So I braved the zoo in an effort to stock the shelves. I got the usual two gallons of milk, a dozen eggs, bread, lunch meat and regular dinner stuff. But in honor of the potential for being homebound I got the usual blizzard fare. You know - Double Stuff Oreos, spray cheese, cocoa and two bags of mini-marshmallows, chocolate chip muffin mix, ramen noodles, Pillsbury Valentine's day pre-cut cookies, dark chocolate, etc. I almost bought a chocolate cake mix and frosting, but you know I'm wanting to lose weight. So I restrained myself.

So what do you think makes snowstorm-worthy food?

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