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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tick... Tock...

I'm sitting here, in my jammies waiting, w a i t i n g, w... a... i... t... i... n... g, for the doctor's office to call. I was supposed to get the results of the uterine biopsy yesterday. It's now 1:00 of the next day and I still haven't heard. I am impatient for a shower, but I know as soon as I step in they'll call. I choose to believe the results must be negative or else I would have heard by now. What I'm really waiting for, however, is to find out which surgery I will be having and when I can have it. Next week would be good. I just want it over and done with.

I do have good news:

1. My bleeding has tapered off significantly. No hemorrhage. Just an angry uterus paying me back for disrupting it last week. I guess that will show me;

2. No staph infection, either. The dermatologist's office put a rush on that biopsy because my gynecologist won't operate if I have an active staph infection. So from that angle I can have surgery at any time. Apparently what I have is a funky case of dermatitis. Probably brought on by eight hours of anesthesia and the miriad of other medications (like my beloved morphine) I was given back in December. I've never had a reaction to medicine before, but six months of chemotherapy will change a person's chemistry. My oncologist told me last summer that it takes about five years for your system to get back to normal. I guess I still have 3 1/2 more years to go. The steroid cream is helping significantly.;

3. I had my pelvic ultrasound yesterday. That in itself isn't necessarily good - it's not necessarily bad - it just is. But what IS good is that I got to spend the morning with my friend, Betsy. Todd, being the overprotecting Alpha male that he is, didn't want me to drive after my "problem". And I'll admit, I was a little pale and weak on Monday. So Betsy came and got me yesterday morning and drove me to the imaging center.

Knowing my propensity for White Chocolate Mochas, she offered to take me to Starbuck's after. But I declined. Can you believe it?? She did say she HAD to stop at Wawa's, though, so I decided to get coffee from there. It's yummy stuff. But not as yummy as the Vanilla Cream donut we each got! That's some good stuff!

I was telling her about my little crying spell for messing up the kids day off school and how sweet they were about it all and she decided Stan needed to buy the kids cookies from Hope's Cookies. No, Stan does not work at Hope's. Stan is Betsy's husband who works with Todd. But she designated the cookie money as Stan's. No wonder they rank among the kids' top favorite people of all time. And yes. I got my White Russian cookie;

4. The kids are going to a conference this weekend with the youth group. Todd and I will have a weekend to ourselves. I can't begin to express how much I'm looking forward to that. We used to take a weekend away a couple times a year, but haven't been able to do that for a while. So here are our plans for Saturday :

a) Take a trip to the Saturn dealer to look at the Outlook, take a test drive, figure out what we want, etc. We won't be purchasing anything yet, but hopefully before the end of March;

b) Have a late lunch at Max & Erma's with the gift certificate we received at Christmas from a parent of children in the youth group that we work with. How sweet was that??;

c) Go see "Music & Lyrics". Of course, there are about a bajillion other movies I want to see as well, but I think this will be the one. Three others at the top of my list are "Amazing Grace" (though I don't think it's out yet), "The Last Sin-Eater", and "Because I Said So".

Looks fun, huh??

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