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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memes and Awards

Frannie Farmer tagged me to post 7 random facts about me. You would think this is easy as my entire life seems random, but it's not as simple as it sounds. So I'm going to have to give this some thought.


Pokey Puppy bestowed a Rockin' Blogger award on me, too.

Thank you, Pokey! I'm honored you think so! It's hard to pick just five bloggers to pass this on to, but I'll let you know who I chose later.


And finally, Anne tagged me for "8 Things About Me According To (in my case) Todd". I have to admit this meme gives me pause. I'd thought about not telling him and making up my own very flattering list. He doesn't read my blog all the time and I thought maybe, just maybe, he'd miss the post all together. But with the way my luck runs... well, most of you have seen how things have been going for me.

So it was with significant trepidation that I told him about this meme. You should have seen the unholy gleam in his eye. Scary! So I decided he needed ground rules:

1. My mother and aunt and others who think of me as "Little Jenni" read this blog. No "naughty" stories.

2. He's gained the cyber-reputation as being a great guy. And he is. But I would hate for him to ruin others' perception of him if he were to say something less than nice about me. Not that there is anything less than nice to say about me, but you know how it is for people who have lived together for a while.

3. I have a cyber-image to maintain. I would be most displeased if he were to cast a pall over it, regardless of how bogus said image is.

4. I must appear charming, witty and sweet; the faultless wife and mother, perfect in every way without appearing too Stepfordish.

5. I reserve the right to edit his list if I deem the list to violate any of the above-mentioned rules.

He asked if he could have a little while to think about this list and I told him that would be fine.

"Is it okay if I work on the list while I'm on my business trip next week?"

I told him sure. And do you know what my great guy of a husband said?

"Good because I think nicer things about you when I'm somewhere else."

What can I say? It sounds like a snarky comment I would make.

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