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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just Hangin' Out

It's Sunday afternoon and the family is at church. They went to the late service; stayed for a VBS meeting and will just end up staying for youth group. I don't mind and am enjoying the solitude.

I flipped open my bible to wherever it would go this morning and it took me to Nehemiah. When I think of Old Testament books I like I usually come up with Psalms, Esther, Song of Solomon (I'm guessing this is where my love of romance novels came from), Jeremiah -- but not Nehemiah. I think I may add it to my list.

Now before you non-religious people run away screaming for fear of a sermon, don't worry. I don't preach. I just found this interesting.

Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem to rebuild the great wall and all the gates after it had been destroyed 100 years earlier. Chapter three is a listing of who did what and I found it fascinating. I mean, think about it. This happened somewhere around 2500 years ago and we have a complete list of who did what to the wall.

It lists which family worked on which gate and what they did and for some reason it just really impressed me. My favorite thing about this chapter, though, is that it only mentions so and so and his sons, so and so and his sons, etc. But verse 12 says Shallum and his daughters repaired their section. GIRL POWER!! LOL

This isn't the first or second or probably third time I've read Nehemiah, but it's the first time it really caught my attention. And that's my "Interesting Bible Facts" for the day. Or week. Possibly month. Maybe even year.


Yesterday Todd took me for my first outing to Target. It was nice. I made off with new jammie bottoms, a book, toenail polish and some great exercise. We walked around the perimeter once and had to stop in the garden department so I could sit for a little bit. When we got home I hit the hay and slept like a rock for about two hours. It was great!


When we walked past the maternity section I looked at the clothes and had the same thought I always do. If only they'd put the belly panel on the back of the jeans to accommodate my large rear. I'm thinking with the current fashions of tunics and baby dolls, etc., the shirt would come down past the comfy stretchy part anyway. I may have to look into this. It could be the next big thing. Pun intended!!


My recovery still continues to move along nicely. I am totally stunned at how little pain there is and how well I'm getting around. All without the aid of my adored Percocet. (I'm sure you all think I'm a prescription drug addict by now, but I promise I'm not. I haven't had a Percocet since Friday!) Bending down to pick stuff up is a bit much and I have weight restrictions so I can't be doing laundry or vacuuming. Darn. But I really don't feel like I just had surgery a week ago. This one was so much easier than the reconstruction!

I am being plagued with thrush again, however. That has got to be one of the nastiest things of all times. I'm lucky in that I don't have pain with mine, but it is aggravating. And gross. It took me a good six months or so after my last chemo treatment before it was completely gone. Or so I thought. Now it looks as though it's back again and it's a bugger to get rid of all the way. But seeing as how this is my last real medical issue (power of positive thinking) I should start rebuilding the immune system that's been trying to get strong for the last year and a half. Then I'll be able to fight off this disgusting yeast infection and I won't have a fuzzy swollen tongue ever again. At least that's my plan.


My last musing for the day is my diet. Or nutritious eating. I'm continuing on Weight Watchers and even declined offers for food while I'm recuperating because I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! When Katie and I were in New York City we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and they took our picture. I bought it so we'd have a picture together for our trip, but I hate it. I'm huge!

So instead of making excuses like I always do -- you know the kind. I've just had major surgery and I deserve to eat three scoops of ice cream or That shot hurt so I think I'll get the biggest White Chocolate Mocha with as much fat as possible to make me feel better. -- I'm counting my points. I was sort of hoping the combination of ovaries, cervix and uterus would be about 10 pounds, but apparently it wasn't. So tomorrow I'll see if I've managed to lose any weight, even though my exercise has been curtailed again.

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