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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ghost Rider

We watched Ghost Rider last week after returning from camping. I had four thoughts about it I'd like to share.

THOUGHT #1: Peter Fonda is in this movie. Some of you may recall I mentioned I have a cousin who used to be a stunt girl. She is actually my third cousin, but my cousin nonetheless. Her heyday was back in the 70's and at one point she actually lived on Peter Fonda's yacht. Not with Peter Fonda. As far as I know, anyway. Knowing what I know now about Peter Fonda I wonder if she ever partied with him and Dennis Hopper and anyone else. The speculations boggle the mind.

THOUGHT #2: This movie brought back memories I had stashed away. When I was young I traveled with my parents and one sister from Southern California to West Texas to visit my oldest sister. If you've ever been in the deserts of California, Arizona and New Mexico in the summer then you know how oppressive the heat can be. So we left early in the morning to take advantage of the cool darkness.

One particular dawn we were somewhere in the middle of Arizona, nothing but flat desert on all four sides with the faint outline of a mesa or two in the distance. The sun hadn't shown itself yet, but the sky was turning a beautiful periwinkle in anticipation. Stars still glittered and I remember seeing a planet - it must have been Mars because it shown red against the lightening sky.

My dad had picked up an AM station and country music played softly from the radio. All was well with the world until Ghost Riders in the Sky came on. Suddenly the planet was no longer an exciting sight, it was an evil red blip. Staring out over the panorama I could almost see the spectral horses kicking up fire and their skeletal riders. I remember shutting my eyes tight, but the macabre was too powerful and I had look again. It was, of course, my vivid imagination. But to this day the song sends shivers up my spine.

THOUGHT #3: The heroine's name was Roxanne and you all know how I feel about that name. If not, read here.

THOUGHT #4: Sam Elliott, a favorite of mine, is also in the movie. One of his lines was, "Good morning, Bonehead." We all got a good chuckle at that one because I've said that to Taylor many times.

And that's all I've got to say about that.

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