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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Kid Stuff

Since today is the last day of school and I'll be forced to endure my children 24/7 for the next three months, this will probably be the last my-kids-are-so-wonderful post for a while. Oh, I suppose "endure my children 24/7" is a bit dramatic. They do have to sleep sometime.


Turns out I didn't completely ruin her surprise today. The music teacher handed out certificates to all the students who participated in music class and certificates to all the students who participated in choir. Katie and I thought those were probably her "awards". But then the teacher handed out plaques to four outstanding music students. Out of a class of 600. I was so proud of Katie that when I stood up to get a picture of her receiving her award I hit the wrong button. By the time I found the right one she was gone and I got a snapshot of the principal.

She had the choice of leaving with me after the ceremony or finishing out the day with her class. Without hesitation she said, "I'm staying!" I would say she's adapted quite well to Pennsylvania.


Taylor played his electric bass for the worship band at the Baccalaureate service last night. Even though we knew a few of the graduating kids our purpose for going was to watch Taylor. But we couldn't leave when he was finished, which was fine because it was very enjoyable. Until the first of three ministers got up to give his message. Each message was only supposed to be about ten minutes and while the first minister was entertaining, he went on and on and on. We'd think he was about to wrap it up and then he'd say, "I've got this little story to tell you." By the time he sat down we were clapping for relief. Windbags notwithstanding, it was a very moving service and I was happy for the experience.

Tonight Taylor had to play his trombone with the rest of the high school band at the commencement service. He called me from practice this afternoon to tell me he needed a white shirt. If Todd's motto is A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part, Taylor's motto is What plan? It is, of course, never his fault. I guess he's getting a jump on the summer exasperation.


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