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Friday, June 08, 2007

Kid Stuff

Before I get to the real subject of this post I feel I must address another matter of the utmost importance.

1 – I am so excited about the fourth Indiana Jones movie! That’s one of my favorite series of all time. You younger folks won’t remember, but there was a time when movie theaters didn’t have surround sound and the screens weren’t quite as big. I was lucky enough to see the first movie with my friend’s family in Westwood, California, in one of the first surround sound movie theaters. We’d never seen a movie in that way and the part when the giant boulder comes after him was spectacular in that theater! The whole place shook and I remember Cindy and me and probably everyone else in there flinching and crouching down for fear of being trampled.

2 – It is with a heavy heart I read that Sean Connery won’t be playing Indiana’s father. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the third one, due in large part to Sean Connery. And with his beard and glasses he looks like my dad! In fact, when the kids are discussing which Indiana Jones they want to watch it’s, “You mean the one with Papa or the one with the snakes?” Notice they never mention the one with the monkey brains.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I shall continue.


Katie’s final softball game was last night. Have you ever been moved by the Spirit to throw your hands in the air and praise God, but you deny that prompting? That was me when they lost their second playoff game last night. I didn’t think it would go over well with the girls, the coaches and half of the parents. I could see the other half of the parents were struggling to control their joy like I was, though.

Her team came in dead last in their league. They only won one game, though most of their games were pretty close. The best part, however, is that they were the most spirited. Spirited to the point of annoyance, but at least they were having fun.

Now it’s over and I’m glad. Katie likes playing softball, but she doesn’t have a passion for it. And at her age if she doesn’t have a passion for it then it’s not worth dictating our family’s spring schedule. So I think this will be her last year and I’d love to say I’m sad about it, but I’m not. At all.


Remember THIS post about Taylor’s hair? The lack of badgering has paid off because he wants it cut. Last night I even dreamt about cutting it myself. But that would come to no good end because I have no talent in that area. I wouldn’t be able to get it even and he’d end up bald. I’m sure because he’s a teenager I won’t like how he gets it cut, but that’s okay. At least he won’t be doing the Prince Charming flip anymore.

He’s been asked to play his bass for a band which will be playing a few songs at the High School Baccalaureate next week. It’s quite an honor because he’s only in the 9th grade and the other guys in the band are either graduating or already graduated. As you can guess, he’s pretty excited about that.


After leaving Katie’s room where I had covered her up and smooched on her neck, much to her giggling dismay, I walked into Taylor’s room to tell him goodnight. He gave me this funny looking writing pen and asked me to give it to Katie. So I went back to Katie’s room and gave it to her. She pushed a button and we heard “Hi, Buddy,” in a little recording. So she had to record a message and I took it back to Taylor. After he heard, “Buddy, buddy,” he made another recording and I was directed to return it to Katie. So I did and by this time we were all cracking up. She then recorded, “Goodnight, Bobbie,” (her name for him when she was little) and I had to take it back to his room.

I realized this could go on all night so instead of taking it to him I stood at the door and flung it at him, yelling “Goodnight, Guys! I love you,” and ran down the hall to my room. I’m sure it was because they were tired that they dissolved into gales of laughter, though I was giggling pretty hard. Poor Todd is in Vancouver so he missed out on all the fun.

So many of the blogs I visit are written by moms or dads with small children. I love reading about their kids’ antics and it makes me think fondly of my kids when they were that age. I miss those days; however, I still have so much fun with my kids. Except for when they’re being annoying. Which sometimes seems like all the time. But other times, like last night, they’re just fun.

And they don’t require a babysitter anymore. And that there is HUGE!

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