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Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Fun

Todd and Taylor are on their way to a Christian Youth Conference in Tennessee so this week is all about me and Katie. Today started out with a trip to the hospital for pre-admission. Exciting, isn't it?

Katie sat in the waiting reading a magazine and listening to her iPod. I went back to have my blood drawn and when I walked out the nurse followed me. She was holding about 8 baggies with four tubes of blood in each one. Katie's eyes got huge and when I sat down she said, "Was that all from you?"

After that we went to Handel's - best ice cream place on the planet. I should have started this post by saying I've lost 6.5 pounds in the last two weeks on Weight Watchers. I've been so good, but I had a scoop of ice cream anyway. Chocoholic Peanut Butter Crunch. It was divine.

Then it was off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to make a return. We were two empty spaces away from a little Subaru and when we got out the Subaru's alarm went off. We were nowhere near the car so I didn't think we'd set it off. When we came back out I hit my little remote to unlock the doors and the Subaru alarm went back off. When I pressed the lock button it stopped. So Katie and I sat in our car for about 5 minutes hitting unlock and then lock and the alarm would go off each time I hit unlock and then stop when I hit lock. It was the funniest thing. In a way it was sad, though, that she and I found so much entertainment in the whole thing.

We finished off the afternoon by going to King of Prussia Mall. Hit a few stores and bought Katie clothes - because somewhere I already established that it's fun buying the cute little clothes for her that I wish I could wear. I did buy myself a pair of fuzzy, hot pink, thong-type slippers, though, and the thought of wearing them this evening is thrilling.

Tomorrow is an outlet mall, a huge antique mall and the dermatologist's. The real fun will start on Wednesday, however. The Philadelphia Art Museum and then Thursday we'll go to New York City for two days.

I think after this week I'm going to be ready for a little R&R at the hospital.

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