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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Gripe and a Praise


Todd was watching The Unit last night and in the show a chemical weapon was stolen from the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This piqued my interest because Todd used to work at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in a civilian contract capacity.

The men in the show talked about the age of these weapons - some from WWII - and how unstable they are. Todd sat here and shook his head in agreement. Then the men go to Pine Bluff and I was anxious to see a little bit of almost home. (Almost because PB is about 60 miles from where we lived.)

I was appalled! Obviously they filmed the arsenal scenes in California. It looked like they were somewhere around Camp Pendelton and looked nothing like Arkansas. I wouldn't have been surprised to see the ocean in the background!

Also, the local sheriff didn't have a Southern accent. He didn't have to sound like a "Good Ol' Boy", but he should have had a little bit of a drawl.


I should just give up TV all together. Except for Lost. And Desperate Housewives. Though I've got a problem with DH, too. How come all the houses are always perfect? Nobody's house is ever messy. There are never dishes in the sink (I say as I look at the overflowing basin in my kitchen); the counters are never cluttered (I say as I look through the mess to see said basin); the coffee table and end tables are always perfect (I say as... well, you get the idea.)

At least Lost is all SciFi so anything goes. Except they are awfully clean for living on an island. Hm. Maybe it's part of the magic of the island. I dunno.


It's getting cool again!! Yea!!


I'll take a picture of the new dinette - along with the sideboard it goes so nicely with - this afternoon. Promise!

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