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Friday, October 05, 2007

Just More Stuff

I read over 1/3 of a paperback last night! It was wonderful! I had to stop every now and again to let the giddiness out in the form of sighs, giggles and grins. I made a cup of tea, grabbed a couple Milanos (from the special pink BC support package) and settled into my chair in the living room. It was truly glorious.

Before chemotherapy I could tune out everything going on around me and read. So I would read while the family watched TV. Now the only TV I can actually read during is sports. Except Todd always has something to say during the commercials and I haven't gotten to a good stopping point. But that's something else entirely.

Anyway, I don't have that kind of concentration any more. I finally figured that out last night. My current book (Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros - my first every by her) will be finished before I lay my head down to sleep tomorrow night. HELLO MOJO!!!


Speaking of books, Barnes and Noble has changed their home page. Why do they have to change when I was perfectly happy with the way it was? Obviously they didn't ask my opinion.


I was looking at the on-line brochure for the YMCA this morning without the benefit or more than two sips of coffee. They have a program called Boot Camp and I thought it said your instructor will help your asses... But what it said was your instructor will help you assess... Personally, I thought the former was appropriate.


We're looking for a table and chairs for our kitchen. It has to be small and small dinettes are hard to find. We found one a mile down the road for a very decent price, but I don't love it. I like it and it may have to do, but I really want to buy something I love.

I drove to Lancaster the other day because there was a Mission Style table, the size we needed, matching the sideboard we have in the eating area and I wanted to see and price it. To get this beautiful table and four chairs was going to be almost $2,000. Granted they're made very well right there and they're even stamped and signed so they become true family heirlooms. And if it was for the dining room it would be worth considering. But not for a regular kitchen table.

Sears has a table on-line that I really like and the price is decent, but I don't think the chairs are included. And I can't find the chairs. I wonder if I can go to the store and find it there. Hm.

We really need to do something, though. I think if I don't find what I want this weekend we'll just go ahead and get the table down the road.

I know you all were riveted by my table segment. Exciting stuff.

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