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Monday, October 22, 2007

"THE" Sermon

Picture me winking my eye at you while saying an exaggerated "'Theeeeee' Sermon". Done? Okay.

Yesterday was the first sermon in the "Our Rotten Sex Life" series at church. Good stuff and I thought I would share. True to Jenster's Musings it will be convoluted, however, I will end up with a point. So join me through the confusing maze that is my thought process...

I am a romance reader and proud of it. I'll say it again. I READ ROMANTIC FICTION! My absolute favorite genre is historical fiction and if it has some romance in it then even better.


Why is it people who don't read romance think it's all about the sex? Contrary to what some think, romance and sex are NOT the same thing. And just because a book is considered a romance does NOT mean there is even sex in it. So for any of you who might equate romance books with porn you'd better think again. I know a few inspirational romance writers who would take issue with that statement.


As I said, historical fiction is my favorite. There are quite a few "historical romance" authors who use history as wallpaper. It's just a time period and setting and may or may not be accurate. Readers have become pickier over the years, though, and many more of these authors do months, sometimes years, of research to make their books as historically accurate as possible. It's these kinds of books that I enjoy. The books where I get a great story AND a history lesson.

One of the history lessons I've learned is that there was a time when "ladies of good breeding" did not enjoy the act of procreation. Women who enjoyed that sort of thing with their husbands were considered wanton, immoral creatures. I love to talk history and could go into much greater detail, but then you might fall asleep and miss an important meeting or a favorite television show or something. Just suffice it to say the Victorians had some skewed views of propriety.

I bring all this up because it's relevant to yesterday's sermon. I don't know about other religions, but there are still Christians who don't see sex as a righteous thing. They maybe view it as something dirty or taboo and a lot of churches don't do anything to change that way of thinking.

Oh how I wish I could just put up a YouTube video of Brian Jones' message yesterday. It was entertaining to say the least. But in the midst of all the humor was a great message. As promised, I took notes. Not detailed or copious, but I hit the highlights.

There are three things to do for the best sex you'll ever have:

Number 3 - You must believe God wants you to have great sex

He did invent sex, after all. And there's a ton of scripture to back this one up. So who am I to argue with the Almighty??

Number 2 - You must make a commitment to work at having a great sex life

A survey on Brian's blog asked the question, "In your marriage, when your sex life is less than satisfying, what would you say is the primary reason?" The top five answers, in order, were:

1. Tired/Fatigue
2. Not Interested
3. Lack of Emotional Connection
4. Kids around/Lack of privacy/No time alone
5. Medical/Physiological Issues

As a woman who has been married nearly 20 years I can say the first four reasons affect a lot more than just a couple's sex life.

Number 1 - You must do it God's way

I know what you're thinking, but that's not what was meant. What was meant was God has conditions for sex.

1. Stay faithful
2. Wait until marriage

I realize that neither one of these conditions are very popular in today's culture, especially the second one. But IF you believe in God and IF you believe the Bible tells it the way God wants it, then there you have it.


I'm still in tourist mode (sorry Terri) but I knew each and every one of you were dying to know about yesterday's sermon and I hated to disappoint.


Later this week - Amish buggy spotted at car wash. Stay tuned.

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