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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jenster's Log

Jenster's Log
2008 February 29

1400 hrs – Pick offspring up from educational establishments and deliver them to designated launching site.

1430 hrs – Chat with several friends who, upon hearing I was not only void of children but husband as well, turn a visible green. Enjoy the smug feeling more than is acceptable.

1530 hrs – Stop at the grocery store for mostly healthy consumables.

1600 hrs – Put away the less than healthy consumables purchased at grocery store. Determine it's too early for a glass of wine so opt for a diet soda and salt and vinegar chips.

I realize it was 5:00 somewhere, but being all alone and drinking in the afternoon seemed so wrong.

1615 hrs – Catch up on emails, blogs and message boards.

1815 hrs – Contact spouse. Glad he made it to his brother's house and enjoys the twins. Talk with the twins. They don't talk back.. Give appropriate affection responses to spouse.

1830 hrs – Change into jammies. Pour a glass of wine to go along with dinner of feta stuffed olives, flour tortillas and spinach dip.

1845 hrs – Enjoy dinner. Finish up on computer.

1930 hrs – Watch Becoming Jane. Already congested so determine not to cry and end up more stuffed up.

2200 hrs – Mull over movie while aimlessly scrolling through TV channels. Take ice cream out of freezer to soften a little.

2300 hrs – Chat on-line with Sing4Joy and His Girl. Laugh hysterically.

2345 hrs – Remember ice cream on counter. Say goodbye to the girls.

2400 hrs – Drink milk shake. Play on computer.

0100 hrs – Head upstairs for bed.

0130 hrs – Turn off light.


Jenster's Log
2008 March 1

0930 hrs – Get out of bed. Start coffee. Watch Clean Sweep. Play on computer.

1045 hrs – Read Bible. Drink coffee.

1100 hrs – Eat everything bagel with cream cheese while watching Session 7 of Beth Moore's Daniel.

1230 hrs – Write a post about today's Daniel session.

1300 hrs – Contemplate staying in jammies all day. Realize this is not an option because a Netflix movie must be retrieved from mail box. Head upstairs for shower.

1415 hrs – Receive phone call from spousal unit. Enjoy the chat, though it makes me miss him. Not good as this weekend is all about my enjoyment.

1430 hrs – Check emails and visit a few blogs. Get mail. Start a load of laundry and prepare a lunch of chef salad with a bottle of lemon water.

1500 hrs – Eat lunch while watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

1700 hrs – Watch "The Making of Elizabeth: The Golden Age". Fascinating. Sniff polish remover in an effort to open nasal passages. Seems to work.

1800 hrs – Read Written in Silk.

2000 hrs – Eat dinner, watch something mindless on TV and play on the computer.

2100 hrs – Continue to watch mindless TV. Paint toenails. Consider sniffing polish remover again, but decide breathing isn't worth the burning sensation.

2230 hrs – Eat ice cream. Watch HGTV. Fantasize about several home improvement projects.

2330 hrs – Watch Saturday Night Live in bedroom.

0100 hrs – Turn off TV and lights.


Jenster's Log
2008 March 2

0800 hrs – Receive courtesy wake up call from girl child. Smile. A lot.

0815 hrs – Make coffee. Read bible. Play on computer and watch Good Morning America.

0930 hrs – Eat breakfast of everything bagel with cream cheese and another cup of coffee. Peruse Springhill Nurseries catalog. Wish flowers in my care didn't always die.

1000 hrs – Shower and get ready for late service at church. Spawn scheduled to arrive at designated landing location (church) before service. Smile. A lot.

1100 hrs – Leave for church.

1130 hrs – New ETA of 1230 hours. Worship.

1230 hrs – Transportation vehicles arrive as scheduled. Children tired and cranky. Happy to see them.

1300 hrs – Eat lunch with kids while listening to stories about the weekend. Smile. A lot.

1400 hrs – Children off to take showers. Receive phone call from spousal unit. Miss him. Wish he was home.

1500 hrs – Everyone hygienic. Plan is to lay around the rest of the day, watching mindless TV or agreed upon movie, possibly sleeping in the process.


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