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Saturday, August 09, 2008

All Together Again

This morning I jumped in the car, opened the sunroof, started my favorites playlist, ran through Starbuck's, and set the GPS for Katie's camp in Maryland. Karen (Todd's GPS) took me through green, rolling hills and a patchwork of various crops, mostly tall corn, before leading me over the Susquehanna River and into the campground.

I arrived just in time to witness three kids being baptized in the pool, one of which is a Little Homie of mine. Thankfully another one of my Little Homies had the good sense to defy the rules and take her cell phone so the dunkee could call her parents. Since they'd come to watch I only had four girls to drive home instead of five.

Now, I know first hand how, um, uh, well, how should I say... annoying middle school girls can be. But I also know first hand how much fun they can be. They had me giggling the entire way home.

I dropped the other three girls off at their houses and then brought Katie home. Todd was on his way to our humble abode after working the tech booth at a funeral and for about five minutes we were all in the same dwelling at the same time. Then Todd and I ran to Lowes where we picked up a patio table with four swivel chairs for eighty bucks!!! So not the set I want, but how could we go wrong? It will eventually be our back up when there's too many people for one set. But I digress.

After running some errands we came home to relax in the living room with both the kids and the dog. I promise you Sookie was the most content she's been all week. Then again so was I. Yes, it was only a week, but I missed Katie so much I could hardly keep from speeding on may way down this morning. Oh wait. I didn't keep from speeding. But whatever.

Anyway, it's just nice to be all together again. It makes me happy!

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