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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Hotel Room

Tuesday I showed you the public areas of the Waldorf. Now here's a little tour of our room.

Our very own pretty little entry chandelier

A too dark picture of the windows. I should have closed the blinds so you could see the incredible window treatments.

The closet and the TV armoire with the snack bar and fridge that probably cost an arm and a leg but we wouldn't know because we were too afraid to try it.

I couldn't even be bothered to pick up the stuff we just dumped before I snapped this photo. I should have waited until we got everything put up, but I didn't.

The vanity.

The pretty little extras.

Self explanatory.

Shower soap. (Still self explanatory.)

And you've got to get a picture of the phone in the bathroom, don't you? Katie could easily get a job there and probably move up the ranks pretty quickly because as S4J and GGG can attest, she does waaaaaaay better folds on the toilet paper.

The towels were the softest, most plush towels I've ever used. And the pictures don't do the room justice. It really was beautiful and swanky and the last time I'll ever stay there...

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