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Thursday, October 16, 2008

More About The Weekend

Sing 4 Joy Some people won't leave me be so I'm going to share a few random pictures and stories from last weekend.

Look at what GGG brought me from Texas:

It's a box of Texas Fortune Cookies. Each contains Texan trivia. This is what I've learned.

1. Texas leads the country in the sale of pick-up trucks.

2. The King Ranch, the largest ranch in Texas, is located in Kingsville, and is larger than Rhode Island.

3. DFW, the nation's largest airport, has the world's largest parking lot. It is located in Grapevine, Texas.

4. Dallas has more retail shopping space per capita than any other U.S. city.

5. Houston is the largest city in Texas by population.

Not only am I a history geek, I also hoard useless trivia. (I am such a blast at a party!) So this was right up my alley.


This is mostly for S4J and GGG. On our way into Philadelphia I was telling them how I loved the multitude of old farm houses and churches in our area. In fact we have one of the prettiest farms just around the corner from us. Katie piped in, You mean the one with "God Bless America" on the barn?

Me: It doesn't say "God Bless America", it says "Live Free or Die".

Know it All: No. It says, "God Bless America". I know because I see it every morning from the bus.

Me: Well, then they've changed it very recently because it used to say "Live Free or Die".

Omniscient Teen: No. It's always said "God Bless America".

Okay. Not the time or place for this argument so we drop it. Until we come home and I drive by the farm to see. Let's take a look, shall we??

Can't read it? How about now?

BAM! Who's yo mama now?? Well. Would you look at that. Apparently I was correct. Isn't it a beautiful farm? I want to live there but the residents aren't real keen on me moving in.


Don't fret. There is more to come!!

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