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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Learning from the Beatles - Part II

I've been kind of, um, oh, I don't know. "Pissy" is the best word I can think of to describe my attitude lately. Not really angry or mean, but not in the best humor, either. Little things bug me and I don't have my usual ocean of patience. Okay. Maybe not "usual ocean", but just not as much patience as I usually have - whatever that may be.

There's no discernible reason for my less than cheery attitude. Not one that I can come up with anyway. And since introspection is not my thing I'll just let it ride its course and hopefully it will be over with ASAP.

The beeping alarm at 6:30 this morning did little to improve my mood. If it hadn't been such a chore to open my eyes I would have glared daggers at Todd for agreeing to go to the 8:00 service. I knew my disposition was not exactly pleasing to God and I really tried to change the direction of my thoughts, but I was just so tired. And being so tired was making me pouty and grumbly. I get up at 6:30 five days a week just so I can see Taylor before he leaves for school at 6:45! Isn't that sacrifice enough?? Have I told you in the last week just how much I HATE the morning? Especially when it's cold and the bed is so toasty warm and snuggly.

The hot shower did help quite a bit and by the time we got to church I was feeling much better in my spirit. That's just one of the ways I know we're at the right place. I almost get excited when I pull into the parking lot and then when I see my friends I DO get excited.

Today's Beatles song was "We Can Work It Out" and the topic was anger. Uh, God? Are you talkin' to me? You? Talkin' to me? So I'm not yelling at my family or giving them the cold shoulder or even keeping everything inside (because I don't know what 'everything' is), but I am letting stupid things grate on me.

I know God is bigger than the boogy man (Ha! I typed booby man!) and I'm really good about giving all the big stuff to Him. Where I have a problem is not wanting to bother him with the little, seemingly insignificant stuff. Like my inexplicable irritations. And the explicable ones, for that matter. Bad Jen!

So I'm in a waaaay better mood right now. And I don't think it's just because I'm all alone and nobody is here to bug me. I'll let you know in another hour when I'm not all alone. I suppose the true test will be this evening when I'm working registration for the youth group. If 150 (or so) teenagers don't ruffle my feathers then I'll know for sure!

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