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Friday, December 05, 2008

Mother of the Year

Seeing as how we're well into December and I blew any chances for the above distinction back around the first hour day week of January I figure I've got nothing to lose. I'll try again at the first of the year, but for now it's like I've got carte blanche to be the worst mother in the entire universe.

Why, just this morning I made Katie wear pants to school. I KNOW! Can you believe I would do that? I mean, yes, it was a balmy 26 so it wasn't like her little sundress* wasn't entirely appropriate. I just felt like ruining her life. It's a very liberating and satisfying feeling.


I have over 400 unread posts in Google Reader and I'm so afraid I'm going to have to dump them all. I just haven't had the time or the gumption to go through all of them and I apologize.

*Katie wouldn't normally wear a sundress to school in winter, but it's for the play she's in tonight. They're putting it on for the school this afternoon and she didn't want to have to change at school. I just wonder how long the sweats she put on underneath are going to last.

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