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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oy Vey, Such a Night!!

In roughly three months Taylor will be eligible for his driver's license. While the thought of turning him loose with a fast and heavy machine scares me, I also look forward to it. My life would be just a tad bit easier - like tonight.

Here's this evening's schedule:

4:30 leave the house, drive to Wawa for dinnery-type items.

5:00 drop Taylor off at church for Youth Leadership.

5:15 pick Katie and Shelby up from play practice, drive Shelby home while Katie eats dinnery-type item.

5:50 drop Katie off at voice lessons.

6:00 pick Taylor up from church.

6:20 pick Katie up from voice lessons.

6:30 drop Katie off at a cake decorating class.


8:00 pick Katie up from cake decorating.

Once I get in the car after Wawa I don't see my butt leaving the driver's seat until I get home the first time. Of course, even if Taylor had his license and an actual vehicle to drive it wouldn't make a huge impact on tonight. It's pretty much all Katie's doing. Too bad she's not going to have a cake for us to enjoy after all that running around tonight.

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