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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wrath of God or Waiter, There's a Fly In My Soup

On the twelfth day of the tenth month, in the Year of our Lord two-thousand and eight, six ladies of high standing didst gather at a public establishment to share their meal at eventide. These ladies were called by the Latin, Chicas de Faith, for they were devout in their prayers and worship.

The Chicas, being daughters of The King and, therefore, royalty, were seated at a large, round table covered in the finest linen and laden with only the choicest platters and goblets. Whilst the ladies didst make merry the servants brought the bread and the beverage, but a pestilence befell them. "What have we done to anger our Father so?" they asked. "Woe to us, who doth displease our Lord so that He dost send a plague of flies."

A Chica of great influence said unto the others, "Let us each repent of our own wrongdoings lest we rent our clothes and don sackcloth in our humility for our Father's good pleasure." So each Chica didst appear to lament their human desires and frailties. But lo, the flies didst remain as an affliction upon the poor ladies.

For though their countenance didst appear pure and pleasing...

God saw the inner workings of each heart...

Each lady didst say unto herself, "Which one of us has not repented," though none said the words out loud. Of a sudden, each Chica restored herself to God and He smote the beastly affliction. "Tis good and pleasing in God's eyes," sayeth the ladies. And the Lord blessed them with manna from heaven, which presented as chocolate confections and the Chicas were happy.

Thus sayeth Jenster.

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