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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maybe Growing Up Isn't So Bad

Yesterday I found a box of old pictures out in the garage and looking through them brought back such happy memories and made me smile. It also made me the teensiest bit sad because I miss my cute "little" kids. Oh, how precious they were and what fun we had - the giggling and the snuggling and the playing. It doesn't hurt that I was also one of their favorite people back in the day. Then they had to grow up and those apron strings they used to hold onto so tightly have stretched longer and longer and their grip has loosened. Almost sounds like a bad thing.

Except for they were cracking me up tonight. I mean really making me laugh. And it just reminded me ('cause I know this but I forget a lot) that while sometimes teenagers can be exasperating, they can also be a ton of fun. I may not get the snuggling (though I still get a lot of hugs) and playing is not quite the same, there's still a lot of giggling. So I'm not the teensiest bit sad anymore.

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