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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a Monday!!

I have a grocery list to make out - which means I have grocery shopping to do - a kitchen to clean and clothes to be ironed. So I'm blogging instead.

School started yesterday. (Can you hear the angels singing the Hallalulia chorus as I do?)

It was a pretty rough morning for Katie - and I can't say that I blame her. Starting a brand new school in a new state has got to be a little daunting. I walked down to the bus stop with her and she was being very brave, trying to keep her composure. Then the kids she's met over the summer showed up and it was like I wasn't even there. The bus showed up, she climbed aboard with a friend, laughing. WHEW!!!

Taylor's start was a little better. Two of his friends stopped to get him on the way to the bus stop. That was nice. And as you can imagine, he didn't want Mom or Dad walking down the street with him. I was really good with that as it was before 7:00 and I was still in my jammies. Not the best way to meet the neighbors.

Now we get to my glorious day. I had hoped to start my reading as soon as I got back from the bus stop, but it was nearly 10:00 before I got to it. Here's a picture of my spot. Doesn't it just cry "Sit! Read! Drink coffee!!"? I had planned to take a before and after picture of the Kleenex box so you could judge how many I went through. I thought that would be a better shot than a photo of all the used tissues lying all around. But I only used two tissues so it wasn't worth posting.

The book is a long one - close to 600 pages. I managed to read a little over half yesterday. And I only emailed Ms. Higgs a few times. Get this. She's leaving for Scotland today and she STILL managed to reply to my emails! You just gotta love her. And the book is fabulous. I still can't imagine how she's going to wrap it up, but I have faith!

Finally Taylor got home. Do you remember the hassels we had getting him registered and scheduled? Apparently we relaxed too soon. They had his schedule all wrong. He went to his guidance counselor who redid the schedule, taking him out of the elective he wanted and into photography. He was okay with that because he likes photography and a neighborhood friend is in that class. Things were going great until the last class of the day. Gym. Turns out it was girls' gym. He thought of it as a gift from God.

As I was laughing I told him, "I know this is all frustrating for you, but it's great blogging material!" So I'm going to tell you what he told me to write:

My son came home from school and he was crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said they put him in girls' gym. I told him I would call the counselor and have it fixed. And he said, "It's too late. I'm crying because they already took me out."

Katie's bus was 30 minutes late getting home. That apparently was the worst part of the day. She likes her teachers. She likes her cafeteria. She made new friends.

If Taylor can ever get his schedule worked out, I think both kids are going to be okay. And if I could get somebody to come in to clean, iron and do my grocery shopping for free while I read I would be okay. Ooo. Since I'm dreaming I'll add cooking meals to the list.

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