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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I Gave Barney A Swirly

Yesterday I was cleaning the downstairs toilet using an old Barney washcloth that once belonged to Taylor. I use a toilet scrubber to clean the inside of the bowl and when I finish I pour Lysol in the now clean water, swish a rag around in it and use that to clean the outside of the bowl. I'd finished all the cleaning, flushed the toilet and ran the rag around the inside of the bowl just to be sure it was good and clean when "thwerp" - the suction from the flush grabbed the rag and sucked it in. At first I sort of yelled, "Oh no!" As soon as the tank filled I flushed again, thinking it was going to back up. Thankfully, it didn't. I flushed the toilet about 5 times just to be sure.

For some reason it didn't seem all that amusing until I started telling Todd. He had this oh-no-what-have-you-done-now look on his face which made me giggle. And the more I tried to tell him what happened, the more I laughed, which only made his scowl deepen. I wanted to tell him that if he kept making that face it was going to freeze that way, which made me giggle even more. Especially because I seem to see that face directed at me a lot.

This incident brought back memories of another flushing debacle from years ago. We had gone to visit some relatives of mine. They let Todd and I stay in their master suite and the following morning I happened to finish off the toilet paper. I did the obvious and removed the little springy thing from the holder to put on a new roll. But the springy thing was uber-springy and jumped out of my hand right into the flushing toilet. Bye-bye springy thing.

I walked out of the bathroom and I don't know what I looked like, but Todd had a younger version of the oh-no-what-have-you-done-now expression on his face. Thankfully again, my poor grip on objects near a flushing toilet bowl didn't cause a back up. And my mother sent these relatives the springy part of the toilet paper holder for Christmas.

We had friends over last night and when I told them about the Barney rag mishap my children had a fit. Especially Taylor. You know, my 14-year-old son. So guess what he's getting in his stocking this year.


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