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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Little Culture

Bookwormom frequently posts poetry and I think that's so classy. So in an effort to add a little dignity to my blog I've decided to post some poetry as well.

This is an original work by yours truly. You can't write a poem like this in a minute. It takes two at least. I think it may go down in the annals as a true American Classic.

My body's expanding, from my head to my feet.
My butt's getting wider with each M&M I eat.

When this bag is gone I shall buy me no more
and substitute carrots and celery galore.

Low-fat and non-fat and veggies I'll munch
Walking and swimming, the occasional crunch

Water before and then after I run
The pounds will just melt like butter in sun

But Thanksgiving is next week with trimmings so yum
And Christmas will follow with good eats for my tum

So maybe I'll wait until the first of next year,
Yeah! That's the ticket. Let's eat with good cheer!

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