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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Ain't From Around Here

As I mentioned in a couple previous posts, we had sleet all day Friday. An attempt was made to clear the driveway, but it was an unsuccessful mission. The snow shovels just bounced right off the thick layer of ice. At first it wasn't such a big deal because very few people in the neighborhood had cleared their drives either. But by Sunday we were the only ones with a car stuck in the garage. They apparently know all about salt and that sort of thing. After school on Monday the kids got out there with shovels and an ice chipper and managed to get enough of the ice out of the way so I could at least get the car out. Now most of it has melted, though there are large patches in shady areas that will probably be here for a while. Next year we will be much better prepared! I'm sure the "locals" have gotten a good chuckle out of the nincompoop Southerners.


Taylor's school had a bomb threat this morning. This is the fourth bomb threat in the district since school started and it's always the same thing. A threatening letter is found in a bathroom. As a parent it's always very disconcerting to hear that your child's school has been evacuated, or in this case the buses were averted before arriving, because some punkarsed idiot wrote some big scary words and threw the entire school into a panic. I do appreciate the efficiency of the school district, however, and as aggravating as it is I'm glad they take these things seriously.

I got the first text message around 9:00 saying, Bomb threat. Come get me. I'm scared. My first thought? Yeah, right. He's trying to manipulate. My second thought? What if he really is scared? My third thought? He'll try it again if he's serious. So I texted back that I knew about the threat and he was safe where he was.

I didn't hear back from him for another hour. The tone had significantly changed. Please come get me. I'm bored. So I asked what he was doing and he said they had the entire 9th grade in the Senior Center's auditorium. There was a movie on and kids were allowed to listen to their iPods and text and all that stuff. So I went to get him. There was a steady stream of parents picking up their kids and I asked the staff if it was more of a help or a hindrance. I was told it didn't matter either way, but I think they were relieved to be getting rid of so many.

Oh. And he admitted he wasn't really scared. He was just trying to play Mom. Silly boy. He should know better.


I'm starting to show the effects of the prednisone. My face and neck are flushed, I am ravenous and nothing is quite satisfying, and I look just like a puffer fish. I don't consider myself overly vain, but I do want to wear a sign around my neck explaining the reason for my moon face and gluttonous tendencies. The worst part is that I'm STILL getting blisters. I think the steroids are trying to do something, but they haven't stopped the process altogether.

So today I was sent for blood work. We know it's vasculitis, but we don't know why and if we can find out why we may be able to treat it better. My dermatologist is totally baffled and the lab order he gave me yesterday looked like a novella. I was pretty sure they were going to need a lot of blood to get all those tests run.

Because of aforementioned bomb threat Taylor was with me. He sat in the waiting room listening to his iPod while I went back to be leeched. When I came out he asked how it went and I told him, "I bled and bled and bled for them." His face turned almost white and he showed me his iPod. The random song that happened to be playing was "Bleed For Me" by Saliva. Kinda creepy, huh? I mean the coincidence of the song title, not just the fact that there's a band called Saliva and they have a song called "Bleed For Me."

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