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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still Thinking

Now that I've consumed mass quantities of coffee and had a shower I am in a better position to actually think. So I'm going to tell why I chose the blogs I chose.

Radioactive Girl - Tori is a young wife and mother of four (one set of twins) who battled thyroid cancer. She has an incredible attitude and her optimism shines from her posts. She does all kinds of fun things with her kids like bike riding (for great distances) and baking - she's a great mom. So when I read her blog I think about a lot of things. How similar our lives are. How different our lives are. What a good mom she is. How I wish I was half as athletic as she is!

For My Good and His Glory - This blog used to be called "Playing Ketchup", but April has since changed the title. And the new title is perfect. Her posts are always deeply spiritual and thought provoking - even if she's just talking about a day she spent with her family. Somehow she always manages to praise God in every thing she does. She's a great inspiration and I'm blessed to have found her blog.

Throw the Book at Me - Jodi is the little sister I never had. I'm fairly sure we are somehow related. We even look a lot alike. Well, we both have brown hair. She likes the same words I do like spelunker and Hoodia, she likes a lot of the same books I do AND we're going to go to Cape May, New Jersey someday and show some ankle. I always think about something fun when I read her posts!

No Surrender - This woman is amazing. She's a five year breast cancer survivor who is now in treatment for a whole new cancer*. She has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for us ladies who frequent and going through this new battle with her is quite an experience. So yeah. I think A LOT when I read her blog. Like, Wow! She's incredible!

Waiting for My Real Life to Begin - Swishy makes me think all kinds of things. Things such as I should have ordered the diet soda with the burger and fries; Don't try taking pictures of people in cars while driving; What's really going on with Meredith and McDreamy.

*Thanks, Deb C, for the correction.


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