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Monday, August 27, 2007

Can You Hear the Hallelulia Chorus??

No?? It's very loud where I'm sitting and the glare from the host of angels singing is nearly blinding.

The kids went back to school today.

Taylor was up and finished in the shower before either Todd or I woke up. I went to wake Katie at 6:30 expecting much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but instead she rose and called me blessed. Well, she didn't exactly call me blessed, but she didn't call me anything bad and I figure that's nearly the same thing.

If I hadn't lost my chance at Mother of the Year the first week of January I'd have lost it for sure this morning. According to the kids there was nothing for breakfast. We had the wrong cereal, it's not cold enough for instant oatmeal, nobody wants toast or frozen waffles. If I was a good mom I would have baked a chocolate cake last night so they'd have something decent to eat this morning.

I checked and double checked and triple checked the bus schedules yesterday. Taylor's bus was listed as being here at 7:14. He was getting ready to leave, Todd asked if he had his house key, he didn't have it, ran upstairs to get it and I saw the bus. It was 7:07. So Todd had to drive him to school.

Katie called her friend to see what time she was walking up to the bus stop - we learned from Taylor's mistake in not asking his friends. A few minutes later Shelby and her mom showed up to walk with Katie to the corner. I was still in my jammies and waved to every single mom and half the fathers in the neighborhood as they walked their kids up to the bus stop for the very first day of school. With cameras.


I have to fess up. I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. Or in the country, state, city, neighborhood or even this particular house. I'm not horrendous and things are usually fairly clean, but I'm not so good about clutter. I maintain, however, it's more a lack of appropriate storage apparatuses than an actual reflection of my laziness. Anyone want to argue with me?? Huh??

I avoid my daughter's room as much as possible because, well, it's a dangerous place and I'm a coward. I'm obviously going to have to "man-up". Last night I told her to set out her outfit for today and when I went in to tell her goodnight she had a really cute shirt out with these horrible jeans that she cut off into Bermudas a while ago because of all the holes and stains. After informing her there was no way she was leaving this house in that atrocity she told me she didn't have any clean clothes.

She just did a load of laundry on Saturday so that didn't make a lot of sense. Turns out she only washed two outfits - one to go to the movie in Saturday evening and one for yesterday. Oh. And she had no socks. She thought she might have lost them at camp. So I washed an outfit for her last night along with some of my clothes and decided I'd be a nice mom and do her laundry for her today.

Oh. My. Gosh. I found duffel bags and grocery bags and beach bags with dirty clothes in them. I found a huge load of towels - beach towels, bath towels, freakin' kitchen towels - tucked into a basket in her room. I found scads of socks, cute clothes we haven't seen in ages, and underwear coming out the wazoo. It's probably going to take me the entire day to wash all her clothes. Which means I'm going to have to wash Taylor's clothes as well because I'm just fair that way.

So now you know how I will be spending my kids' first day of school. But at least I get to do it ALONE!

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