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Monday, September 17, 2007

Love Fest

Back in July I was honored with the Schmooze Award by Em at Notes From My Corner. The funny thing was that I awarded him with the Blogger Reflection Award the very same day. As I told him, we had our own little mutual admiration society going.

The word "schmoozer" brings to mind a greazy used car dealer or a slimy lawyer (I've known both used car dealers and lawyers - not all greazy or slimy). But the dictionary offers this definition: someone skilled at conversation I'm not sure how skilled my conversation is, but I can surely talk. So I accept the honor and pass on the love to a blogger with the power of schmooze.

Swishy at Waiting for My Real Life to Begin has schmooze powers of epic proportions. She blogs while sitting in a coffee shop or waiting for a plane at the airport. Last night she live-blogged during the Emmy's. I love reading what she has observed and her use of visual aids (i.e., pictures) adds to the feeling of being there.


Then in August I was given the Nice Matters Award by Eileen at A Life of Triggers. If you've ever read any of Eileen's comments you know how perfect this particular award was for her. She's always kind, always considerate and always encouraging.

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspirations. Also, for those who are a positive influence in our blogging world.

I feel a bit like a fraud. I haven't been a very good blog friend for the last couple of weeks and sometimes I think I'm too snarky and sarcastic. Still, I gratefully accept the award and pass it on to Gretchen at Quantum Leap. Visiting Gretchen's blog is like sitting down to a cup of coffee with a good friend. It just doesn't get any better.


At the beginning of this month Dan at Danny & Family bestowed the Blogger Reflection Award on me. Dan is a proud husband and father and his love for his family shines from his posts. So to have received this award from him is quite an honor.

Dan said this about my blog: Jenster is a cancer survivor who writes about her family. She is a woman of faith and although I haven’t been reading her blog for a very long time, I took to it quickly and read it often. This short paragraph I'm writing about Jenster's blog doesn't do it justice. It’s also a good-looking blog, and I wish my blog looked so good. Very sweet.

So I now pass this award on to Kim at The Merits of the Case. This is an incredible woman who is physically in the same place I was in 2005 - going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. But she is also going through law school at the same time. Her blog is frank and honest and sometimes it's like reading something I would have written two years ago. She has a great attitude and a gorgeous smile - I can't imagine that hair on her head would make her any prettier. I've only been hanging out at her place for a few weeks, but I always come away from her blog contemplating one thing or another.


I really am humbled to have been thought of by these bloggers in such nice ways. My impulse is to say it's because they don't know the real me, but then Todd will get all mad at me so I'm just going to say thank you to Em, Eileen and Dan. I'm in great company!

(I have no idea why the banners on this post are so big. I used the smallest setting when I uploaded them, but they're still showing up large. Anybody got any ideas why??)

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