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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Potato Post

In the same way potatoes are sometimes considered the "filler" for a meal, this little post is the filler for my blog.

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow morning for their home. *sigh* I'll miss them and hopefully it won't be a whole year before we get to see them again. I've decided I'm done with surgeries and the like so I should be able to make it down South next year. Mom has already said she wishes she could stay and hear the rest of the sermon series at church.


As of today I have two teenagers. Katie is now a teenager. Actually she won't officially be 13 for another hour, about 4:00 Central Standard Time. But since she's been acting like a teenager for the last several years I won't split hairs.

We let her choose where she wanted to eat her celebratory dinner. For the last year she's been saying the local Japanese restaurant. I've had Teriyaki and Tempura on my mind for the last several months. Sadly for me she changed her mind last night. We're going to Applebee's.

I have mixed emotions about Applebee's. On the one hand it will be cheaper than the Japanese restaurant. On the other hand it's not the Japanese restaurant. Back to the first hand, I do like Applebee's. On the other hand again it's not the Japanese restaurant. One more time with the first hand, Applebee's is casual and family friendly. Likewise, on the other hand, we would only go to the Japanese restaurant for a special occasion and this was it.


Here's the scoop on the Amish buggy at the car wash. While we were in Lancaster County the other day we drove by a do-it-yourself car wash and in the parking lot was a beautiful horse hooked up to an Amish buggy. I don't know where the driver was, but it struck me as very funny. I had my camera with me, but I was driving so I couldn't take a picture. If I was Swishy, though, I would have found a way. I want to be her when I grow up.


Another thing I wish I would have taken a picture of was a sign for a restaurant we saw on the way to Gettysburg the other day. It was for a Flapjacks Restaurant and Pub and showed a somewhat scruffy man flipping pancakes and drinking a beer. I laughed when I saw it and said, "See. I'm not the only one who drinks beer while making pancakes for breakfast." I'M KIDDING!!!


I think that's enough potatoes. I don't want you all to spoil your dinner.

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