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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catching Up and Upcoming Posts

I started my training in earnest this morning. I finally feel well enough to do something more strenuous than blowing my nose and throwing away the Kleenex. Though I did lose two pounds last week. I was going to ask my scientist friend, Kris, what the molecular make up of snot is and how to determine the density in direct proportion to mass quantity which resulted in reducing my overall weight by two pounds, but I thought she'd enjoy it just a little too much so I changed my mind.

Today I walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill in just under 50 minutes. Not a great time or distance, but I'm happy with it. Especially because I think I should be able to call it an even 3 miles as the last half a mile I walked with my legs crossed. No easy feat, that. Note to self. Remember to go potty before you start your training.

Not only am I in training now, but I'm also making better food choices. Don't you dare say I'm on a diet. I am NOT on a diet. Like New Year's Resolutions, diets are another set up for failure. I consider the "D" word as bad as the "E" word. I am simply choosing to eat healthier foods as advised to me by the powers that be at Weight Watchers.

Tonight I'm getting together with three other neighbors - Kris, Sherri and Laura - for our first weekly... something or other. I don't think we've actually named it. But we're going to meet, weigh ourselves (with no one else seeing), drink water or maybe even tea, hold each other accountable and be encouraging. I so want to take a cheese ball or dip as bad as Kris wants to serve wine or martinis. But that would defeat our purpose. We're setting aside 30 minutes once a week. Our "business" should take about 10, leaving another 20 to just shoot the breeze.


After walking this morning, I started going through some of our boxes in the basement. I'm happy to say there are now four less boxes. Never mind two of the boxes were already empty. They are now in the designated empty boxes section, making the boxes-full-of-who-knows-what section looking a little better.


Tomorrow is PJ day at the preschool. I love the thought of wearing my jammies to work. I just have to remember to take a change of clothing so I don't have to wear my jammies into the restaurant when I meet Todd for lunch afterwards.


There are those among you who continue to plague me about a story I mentioned in passing on another blog. The Lake Perris story. You know who you are. And while I'd rather not dredge up something I thought I had laid to rest, I'm finding it's a bit like a decaying tooth. I can try to ignore it, but it just keeps getting worse. So I will start working on the retelling of that fateful day. Mom - consider this your warning.


One more post you can look forward to is the Little Rock Race for the Cure in October of 2005. Now THAT'S a good story!

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