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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Do you remember back in October when Todd fell in the Costco parking lot in the middle of a deluge and then later hurt his hand "helping Ben move"? That's what he tells everyone, but in reality he was trying to break a bed slat with his wily ninja karate skillz. In his defense he did have a concussion.

But I digress. His hand is still bothering him and not just a little. He saw an orthopedic surgeon in November who didn't see any broken bones on x-ray, so he gave him a splint to wear. Two weeks ago I went with Todd to see the doctor who is in a Beatles tribute band. Todd introduced him to me as Dr. Cash, a.k.a. George Harrison. He shook my hand while speaking Liverpoolian and I giggled like a school girl. One of my better "mature" moments. Anyhoo, George sent Todd for a thumb/wrist MRI last week and yesterday was the follow up appointment.

The MRI didn't show anything other than a bit of fluid in one of his thumb joints so the Fab One injected a corticosteroid laced with a bit of Novocaine into the joint. I gave Todd my sage advice for handling injections and then cringed as I watched the needle disappear in his knuckle. He did so good, though! I was rather impressed.

The relief was immediate and he was so happy. Then the mop top with the degree told Todd it was only temporary. Once the Novocaine wore off he'd be sore for a few days. Hopefully the corticosteroid will give him relief after the soreness from the injection is gone. Poor guy.

OH! And get this. I was so nice to him yesterday even though compassion is very low on my list of spiritual gifts. I think I scored a 5 out of 30 for compassion, only to be superseded by organization/administration which was a 2. It's nice to know I have it in me when it's needed, though.


So today was my bone scan. I had to be at the nuclear medicine department at 9:30 for my injection. After getting shot up with a radioactive dye which bonds to the bones I was free to do whatever I wanted to for the next three plus hours as long as my plans included drinking a lot of fluids. ANY fluids.

This time I knew right where the Starbuck's was so I hung out there for about an hour with my book, a cinnamon chip scone and... what did I get... let's see... oh yeah! A Venti White Chocolate Mocha with whip. Yeah, yeah. Not conducive to losing the weight that has taken up residence and really likes the neighborhood. And why shouldn't it like the neighborhood? There's always some type of a party going on!

After that was a trip to the biggest Bed, Bath and Beyond I've ever seen. Of course, I didn't see anything I needed or even wanted. Until I was about to leave, that is. I decided to make a quick perusal of the clearance section and I found a beautiful Gorham Lady Anne tall vase to go along with the rest of my Lady Anne pieces. It's a $60.00 vase and they had it on clearance for $20.00. Isn't it beautiful? How could I refuse??

My last stop on the way back to the hospital was Panera Bread Company for a delicious sandwich and a soda. And another 30 lovely minutes with my book. Of course, I had to wait about 30 minutes in the nuclear medicine waiting room so that was more time with my book. Do you see why I really don't mind these doctor's appointments and such?

The scan was no big deal at all. The technician straps you onto a very skinny, hard table with a wedge under your knees making you bow legged and a big rubber band around your toes making you pigeon toed. Quite the picture, isn't it? The whole thing took about 45 minutes and I was never so happy to get up from a nap as I was then. My entire body ached from staying perfectly still the whole time.

As I've said, I'm certain I'm still dancing with NED (No Evidence of Disease), but I can still feel the tension in my shoulders and it's not from laying on the table. It's not something I'm worrying about, but I know I'll be relieved to hear the doctor tell me tomorrow there was nothing more than a little degenerative bone disease. Funny how "degenerative bone disease" doesn't sound so bad in relation to cancer.

I will, of course, post after I hear from the doctor's office - hopefully tomorrow, but maybe on Thursday. For now I'm going to bed so I'll have all the energy I need to catch up on laundry and ironing tomorrow.

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