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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whiny Wednesday

I still feel like ca-ca, though less than I did yesterday. I took Nyquil last night and had drug-induced dreams of Anne of Green Gables arguing with me about sudoku puzzles. If that doesn't make for a fitful sleep I don't know what does.

The kids ditched me today for their friends. I can't imagine why they would rather play with buddies instead of hanging out here, listening to me blow and watching me fall asleep in the chair. But whatever.

I finally managed to do a little grocery shopping yesterday, but before I could put the food away I had to clean out the fridge. I pulled out six or seven containers of some kind of ancient consumable and placed them on the counter so I'd have room for the good, edible food I had just purchased. After that I needed a nap so I just left the crud on the counter. When I went up to bed at 8:30 last night they were still sitting on the counter but I didn't have the energy or the care to do anything with them. This morning they were suspiciously gone. And I can't find the containers which leads me to the conclusion that Todd didn't actually empty them, but rather he threw them away. Not just the mystery matter inside, but the actual containers. Some of them were really good containers. But do I care? Not really. Because caring takes energy and I have none.

Which is why the wreck of a house I'm existing in doesn't bother me. I'm just looking forward to my date with Nyquil tonight and hope I don't dream about a vicious red head with a penchant for number puzzles.


I have confirmation that yes, Todd did, in fact, throw the containers away. As pertains to the house he also informed me he's staying at the Marriott Courtyard tonight. He's a funny guy!!

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