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Friday, April 04, 2008


I have much to blab blog about but no time at the moment. Maybe I can get some good writing (*snort*) done this weekend.

Katie's play is tonight and we're all excited. She doesn't have a ton of lines, but plenty for her very first play.

Sookie continues to pull me in as I kick and scream, "I don't want a dog!" I keep thinking of how I can't do this and I can't do that. But my perspective is starting to change a bit. Beside the fact she's the most adorable creature and a pretty good girl are the perks I'm getting.

I got a Bissel hand held steam cleaner (I think you can figure that one out) and a long-desired food processor (I've been having to make her food while she's taking the medicine for the parasite). I also see hardwood floors beyond just the entryway in my future.

I noticed yesterday at preschool that the kids act just like she does. So I figure her "human" years to be somewhere between two and three. I kept finding myself clapping at the kids like I do her when she's doing something she's not supposed to do.

So I'll leave you with more Sookie pictures. I'm pretty sure the novelty will eventually wear off and I'll find something else to post. But here she is for now.

This is her ignoring me because she's curled up in a chair she knows she's not supposed to be in. Like if she doesn't look at me I won't see her or something.

And here's a nice portrait:

And a head shot:

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