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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Haphazard Thoughts

I have weighty issues to discuss. Deep and meaningful subjects. Is there anything more significant in the life of a Christian than the celebration of Easter? And yet... this post is neither weighty, nor deep and meaningful.

This is who I think of every time I look in the mirror. If you only ever heed one piece of wisdom from this blog, may it be this. Do NOT wax your lip after you've blown your nose countless times the previous several days and already have a bit of a raw spot. Because if you do you just may rip the delicate skin off and end up looking like you have a port wine stain under your nose. And make up only does so much.

This past week was our Spring Break so Thursday night three 13-year-old girls spent the night with Katie. Half our basement is finished and that's where they hung out and slept. Sometime around midnight I heard giggling so I got up to tell the girls to keep it down as Todd had to get up early for work. What I found was Ben and Taylor conspiring against the chickies.

Taylor went downstairs and told the girls he had to put his backpack away in the unfinished side. While he was over there he unlocked the Bilco doors and then went back upstairs. He then went outside, around to the back of the house, through the Bilco doors and put on his Scream costume. Then he ran back outside and started knocking on the basement windows. This freaked the girls out so they ran back upstairs to the main floor. Taylor then went back down into the basement with all the lights off and just stood there. When the girls came back downstairs and turned on the lights he scared the bajeezers out of them. Katie was so mad she whacked him in the stomach with a baton. Meanwhile, Ben and Taylor were cracking up. He told Ben the baton hurt, but it was worth it.

So when Todd left for work Friday morning he banged on both Ben and Taylor's doors, saying, "This is payback for keeping me up last night!" To which he was told, "It was worth it!!"

Late Friday morning I drove the girls to Shady Maple Smorgasbord and we stuffed ourselves silly. It's the biggest buffet I have ever seen. I know where we're taking the in-laws the next time they come to visit. My Father-in-Law LOVES a good buffet. Here's a picture of the girls in the parking lot:

Trust me when I tell you all four of them are beautiful. But I won't be putting pictures of them on my blog for safety reasons. Sorry.

On the way home guess what we passed? Sonic, Wal-Mart and the church from my Road Trip post. Here's the covered buggy parking at Wal-Mart:

And here are pictures of the church:

And the skinny house:

Oh! Look at the time!! We're on our way to On The Border with some friends for dinner so I gotta go!!

Have a happy and blessed Easter!!

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