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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Day Is It??

Sookie has turned our world upside down. What a big surprise. She's a very good puppy, though! The vet figures her at somewhere between three and four months so we've decided to make her birthday December 15. Todd thinks we should make her birthday December 11th since that's my mom's birthday. I suppose I should talk to mom about that. She might be offended. Then again, she might like sharing her birthday with her youngest granddaughter.

She does have a parasite - very common with shelter dogs. The problem is we can't get her to take her medicine. She's too smart. BLAST! I'd much rather have a dumb dog. Kind of like I think dumb kids are easier to raise. We didn't do well in that department, either.

She does go to the back door when she has to "eliminate". We had some accidents at first, but she's already got the hang of it pretty well. I think she's needier than either Taylor or Katie ever were. If I'm trying to clean the kitchen (HA!! ME!! Trying to clean the kitchen. That's funny!!) she comes in and flops on the floor with a huff and then whines because I'm not paying attention to her. She will have to get over that very quick. But she's just so stinkin' cute I end up giving in. AND I DIDN'T WANT A DOG!!

For being so fuzzy she doesn't hardly shed. I hope that's the way of it forever and ever.

On a completely different note, I was listening to the radio on my way to pick up Katie. It was on a station that plays a little bit of everything and "Billy, Don't Be A Hero" came on. I was very excited because I had that 45 when I was a kid. Such a catchy, fun sounding song. Except as I started singing with it I burst into tears. What a sad, sad song. I mean, I knew it was sad when I was a kid but it didn't affect me like it did yesterday. Because I was just a kid.

The baby is sleeping right now (next to me) and I wonder if I can sneak away to wash my face, brush my teeth and get dressed. I would really like to take her outside in something other than my jammies.

OH!! Do you remember this post from last year? It's that time again. Yesterday morning I got up early and made a delicious and nutritious breakfast for the kids. I haven't brought up the subject of Taylor moving out yet, but he may be getting an actual job so I see it as a definite possibility eventually!!

Okay. I see my window of opportunity to do something other than sit by the baby swiftly closing. I'm off to throw on some clothes.


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