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Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Been Three Years

Tomorrow I will officially be a three year breast cancer survivor. I've already told the story about the day I became a survivor - the day the cancer and surrounding tissue, i.e., my breast, were removed from my body. But if you missed it and have a few minutes to kill you can read it here.

Todd came home early today and made me go hide upstairs for a few minutes. When he called me with the all clear I found pink roses on the stairs. When I got to the family room there was this beautiful bouquet waiting for me.

Here's a better picture of the actual roses. A dozen red roses and three pink roses.

I can hardly wait for my 13th year because then I'll get TWO dozen roses!!

And here are the other nine pink roses:

I guess I already got my two dozen roses, didn't I?

Since I'm a three year survivor, that means my mom is a two year survivor.


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