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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just a Quickie

For those of you who prefer a quickie as opposed to a longie (Katybug) - I'M TALKING ABOUT POSTS, PEOPLE! Just a few things.

1. I called my endocrinologist Friday to see what the results of my thyroid biopsy was. She felt horrible because they hadn't come in yet. She called the hospital but never heard from anyone. I told her I really didn't care but everyone else did. She doesn't work on Mondays so she called me today to say the results were fine. So there's that.

2. Taylor has an interview with the local grocery store tomorrow. He even got a hair cut yesterday so as to make a decent impression. I will be very surprised if he doesn't get hired because they are desparate for employees. Still, a prayer or two wouldn't go unappreciated...

3. Sookie is still cute. She met our neighbor's puppy, Brady, yesterday. We got them both from the same rescue shelter and the owner thinks they may have been at the same foster home. Whatever the case, they were hysterical. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with each other. Brady's mom, Laura, and I will be planning more play dates.

4. I have a few serious things to blog about - not serious, but you know. Serious. As in not frivolous. I just have to actually take the time to get my thoughts from my head to my computer. Don't hold your breath.

5. That's all folks!

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