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Monday, April 07, 2008

The Play is the Thing

Friday night was Katie's theatrical debut in the very funny play Lagooned. She played the jogger and did a great job. She can jog like nobody's business! A couple times all she did was trot across the stage saying, "One, two. One, two." But the best was when the smelly old guy who had been marooned on the island for ever got a little close and told her he was lonely:

She smacked him with the boogie board for getting fresh. Todd and Taylor gave each other knuckles over that one.

Here's the entire cast applauding the directors (teachers):

And you know me and architecture. I LOVE it! The play was at the 8th grade center - the oldest school in the district. Look at the embellishments:

Todd picked out these beautiful roses for our little thespian:

Lucky for me she thinks her room is too messy for them (and she would be right) so I get to enjoy them in my entry way.

After the play I took Katie, her friend Shelby, Taylor and Kristen to a local diner with the most glorious desserts. And this time Katie reminded me to get pictures BEFORE we ate them!

Chocolate Mousse Cake:

Peanut Butter Cup Cake:

Oreo Cake:

She has caught the acting bug and can't wait to try out for next year's play. They don't do musicals until high school and she's already excited about that. She just bought the soundtrack to Wicked and is hoping the high school puts that one on in a few years.

Speaking of Wicked, she's decided to save her money until she has enough to pay for her own Broadway ticket - I have to pay my own way. What I just told her, however, is that she and I are going to go for her birthday in October. Not that I want to go. I mean, why would I want to spend a couple days in New York City and take in a Broadway musical? But I'll do it for her. Because that's the kind of selfless mom I am. *sigh* The things I do for my children...

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