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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Week in Review


Katie sang in the band Sunday evening so I went to watch. Before the service I sat outside, visiting with Ben and his Katie and watching some hot air balloons in the distance. When I walked back out after she sang I saw one of the balloons fairly low just on the other side of the freeway the church is next to. To get home I had to drive the same direction as the balloon, but when I went under the overpass the balloon was gone. It just disappeared. But as I wound my way up and down the hilly road I saw it in a neighborhood on the left. Not over the houses, but parked in the midde of the street. I nearly cried when I realized I didn't have my camera with me. Thank goodness for camera phones!


Taylor and I picked Katie up from her friend's dairy farm where she had spent the night and drove 30 minutes through the country to the DMV so he could get his driver's permit. He's been eligible for it since he turned 16 in April, but we finally got around to it. Except when we showed up we found out they're closed on Mondays. Needless to say, Taylor was disappointed.


Learner's Permit, Take II. Taylor and I tried it again. This time they were opened and Taylor did fine. The DMV only takes checks or money orders. No problem. Except there were no checks in the checkbook. Thankfully there was a Rite Aid right next door and I was able to get a money order there. And no. Taylor did NOT drive home.

That evening the kids and I drove into Philadelphia where I laughed my butt off at the Broadway production of Spamalot. (Sadly, it appeared to be reattached the next morning.) I've always been a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but the play was even better. I laughed so hard I cried. Especially every time they would say a line that's quoted in our house regularly. Run away! Run away! or It's just a flesh wound, or I'm not dead yet! or, well, I could go on all day. But I won't.


Not much exciting on Wednesday. In fact, nothing worth mentioning here.


My friend, Joy, told me about a used book store no too far from here last year. She works at the preschool and is starting back up on Monday so we finally got together and drove the 20 minutes or so to check it out. It was fantastic! I spent way too much on way too many books (I'm afraid to say how much I spent on the off chance Todd actually reads this). The best find was seven of the eighteen Amelia Peabody books I don't have yet. Which would be any of the Amelia Peabody books other than the first one as that's the only book I had until Thursday. And if you don't know who Amelia Peabody is, she's a lot like Evie in the Mummy movies. Victorian Egypt, British female with an unusual fondness for all things Egyptian, smart, witty, finding herself in unique scrapes... After the book store we found a great Italian restaurant and deli for lunch.

Thursday evening my Little Homies came for a sleep over. That would be six 13-year-old girls in the basement. Finished basement. (Why do I always feel bad when I say the kids were hanging out in the basement?)


There are those who say I'm crazy. They may be right. Yesterday I drove those six 13-year-old girls, along with Taylor and Kristen, to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown. They all ran off as soon as we hit the gate and I parked myself in a beach chair with my book. It was a long day, but a fun one.

And I nearly forgot, yesterday (Friday) was my second year bloggeversary. I can't believe I've been rambling on about nothing for two whole years and people still actually read my drivel. Amazing!

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