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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I had a life-altering experience on Saturday. To some it may seem like nothing to get worked up about, no big deal. But to me it was like a gift from God, better than sliced bread (which truly doesn't excite me).

You know how there are special moments in your life that are so full of elation you become overwhelmed? Marriage to that perfect someone, the birth of a much-loved child, an event that proves incredible friendships... This was like one of those. I'm not an overly emotional person, but this experience brought a tear of joy to my eye.

I found an egg-free recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Terribly unexciting on the surface, but then it hits you. "I can make a batch of cookie dough and eat the entire thing without worrying about Salmonella!"

There are those who will consume great quantities of raw cookie dough without giving a thought to the raw eggs. Chances are they won't suffer anything more than a minor tummy ache. But after dealing with suppressed immunities last year, I've become very dubious of anything that may cause a problem.

I may be the last person on the face of this earth to find out there is a recipe for egg-free cookie dough. It could be old news to the rest of you. But for me it's an astonishing revelation. I'm still giddy just thinking about the perfect weekend - cold, rainy, good movies to watch - to make this chocolate chip cookie dough, possibly sans the chocolate chips, and eat without fear. It's very liberating! And while the dough is delicious, the cookies were less than stellar. Evidence that the dough is meant to be eaten BEFORE it's baked!


I am currently reading Viscount Vagabond by Loretta Chase, published together with The Devil's Delilah. Ms. Chase is one of my favorite authors. I've only read three books of hers before - Miss Wonderful, Mr. Impossible, and Lord Perfect. These would definitely fall under the category of fluff, though she does include interesting bits of history (which I personally believe makes them educational), and I found them extremely enjoyable. Great characters, good story lines and lots of humor. It's obvious that Viscount Vagabond is one of her earlier works because the writing isn't quite as smooth as her more recent writings, but it's good enough that I'd rather be reading than doing anything else. But alas, the family expects clean clothes and dinner and the dust needs to be taught who's in charge. I imagine when I do finish it (probably this evening) I'll immediately begin The Devil's Delilah.

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