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Thursday, November 30, 2006

About as Mundane as it Gets

You know how some bloggers post their mood and such? I like that and I may start doing that, but for now I'm just going to tell you this:

Mood: Blah

I saw my oncologist today for a routine checkup. Everything was fine except for that I’m about as big as a house and my white blood count is low. The fact that I’m about as big as a house didn’t bother him in the least. The subject never even came up. As for the white blood count, he wasn’t too concerned. He chalked it up to moving and being introduced to new viruses that we didn’t have in Arkansas. I never asked for these introductions. What's the deal??

I’ve been told by several women who have been through reconstruction to get a special post-surgical camisole. You just step into it and it has little pockets in it for your drains. But you can’t just run to Wal-Mart or Penney’s or anything like that. So there’s this nice little lingerie boutique not too far from my doctor’s office that not only has wonderful lingerie, it also caters to breast cancer patients. Now granted, my mood was somewhat less than chipper because: a) I’m about as big as a house; and b) my white count is low. The woman who helped me was nice enough – she’s also a breast cancer survivor – but without coming right out and saying it, she tried to talk me out of reconstruction. I’m sorry that her implants she got at the same time she had a bilateral mastectomy didn’t work out for her. I’m glad that she’s fine without any reconstruction at all and the prostheses are wonderful and she loves them. But leave me alone.

Stopped by a used book store without a list. Why do I do such stupid things? The only book I could think of I wanted was Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth. Of course they didn’t have it. I ended up getting Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell because I have the first book – Winter King (Hey! That’s almost like Winter Garden) – and I had a ton of money in credit there so I didn’t want to leave empty handed.

Ran by Valley Forge to get a Christmas present for Katie she’d seen a couple months ago, but they didn’t have it. They didn’t even have it on order. I haven’t looked to see if I can get it on-line, but I’m not hopeful.

To assuage my mounting despair, I ran by Starbucks for a Venti White Chocolate Mocha and a piece of coffee cake. Yes, I know I’m about as big as a house and this lunch isn’t helping matters, but it made me happy. And I used my gift certificate Taylor gave me for my birthday so it was free.


Last night I was sitting in Todd’s big green comfy chair watching the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza, eating M&Ms. They showed the tree before it was cut down and all I could think was, “I saw that exact tree!” (See here) Very cool.

As I was eating my M&Ms I realized I was grouping them by color and eating certain colors at a time. It made me think of the different powers each color held as taught to me at church camp in the 5th grade. This, in turn, made me giggle because orange was supposed to make your boobs big. You should have seen the inordinate amount of orange M&Ms I ate while I was growing up. In case you didn’t know, there’s not an ounce of truth to it. But my mind, as it’s oft want to do, started straying. If there was truth to it, what would it mean for my upcoming reconstruction? I didn’t come up with any answers and it was really too exhausting to ponder for long.

Smelly Trash

Our kitchen, eating area and family room is an open area. Todd had reclaimed his chair at some point and when Criminal Minds came on I was laying on the couch. I was so comfortable that instead of getting up and taking out the incredibly smelly trash, I pulled my t-shirt up over my nose. My Dove deodorant smelled waaaay better! The only problem was that I eventually ran out of oxygen. So Todd, being the sweetheart he is, got up and took the trash out for me. I sprayed the heck out of the trash can and surrounding area with Lysol to get rid of the stench.


I finished Eragon Tuesday. What a great book. I know it took me forever to read it, but I decided it was because I was so enamored with this kids’ writing technique – the imagery was truly incredible. It became more of a clinical read than an entertainment read. I’m very anxious to see the movie, mostly to see how they brought his ideas to the screen. Taylor is very slowly reading The Eldest and I’m looking forward to reading it whenever he does finish it.

In the meantime, I finally started Lady of Sin by Madeline Hunter. I had originally planned on skimming through all the previous books to gain my bearings, but they’re in boxes in the garage – just like my Loretta Chase books. Maybe this weekend… There are a few things I’d like to sort out in my mind before I read much further, but nothing too much. So far I’m enjoying the book. I always did like Charlotte and am glad she’s going to get another chance at being happy.

When I finish this book I’ll probably be reading Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas. Yes, you read that right. DREAMING OF YOU! Woo hoo!! It should be here today, tomorrow at the latest. Then I'll know what all the Derek-hubbub is about.

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