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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Philly and Food

Todd's parents flew home to California today. This means I'm going to have to rely on my family to do the laundry and clean the house until I'm able. *sigh* It also means I'll have to make my own trips to Starbuck's.

I believe it would be an atrocity to have company from out of state and not make it into Philadelphia at least once. With that in mind we drove into the city yesterday. Todd's mother is a knitter and she had heard of a great knitting store downtown - Rosie's Yarn Cellar (thought you might like the link, Radioactive Girl).

The store is in trendy Rittenhouse Row and less than a block from Rittenhouse Square, the charming park in the center of what was once known as the city's "Victorian Aristocracy". Parking in this area is a hot commodity. We dropped Todd's mom off at the yarn store and then drove around for what seemed an eternity to find a place to park. We finally found a spot, put our money in the meter and walked down to the square after grabbing a snack for the kids at Wawa.

We only walked about two blocks to the park, but that was enough for me. The pathways are strewn with benches and it's not always easy to find an empty one. I saw a lady get up and I made Katie run to snag the seat so I'd have some place to sit. Man, do I feel old!

Taylor and I sat on the bench while Katie and her grandpa went across the street to Barnes and Noble. And no, they didn't go to read. They went for coffee and... you know what's next, don't you? That's right. A White Chocolate Mocha!
They come back with the coffees and we're just relaxing and visiting and having a nice time, when a very jovial man comes strolling up the pathway and yelling, "Dollar for a condom", like he was selling popcorn at a ball game. Between New York City and Philadelphia, Katie is getting quite the education.
Grandma finished at the store and made her way down to the park to find us so we could go get lunch. But it had taken us twenty minutes to find the parking spot and we paid for an hour on the meter. I wasn't inclined to rush. When we finally did get back to the car there was about 6 minutes left.

When you think of food and Philadelphia no doubt you think of Philly Cheesesteaks. We decided to try world famous Pat's King of Steaks this time. You may recognize it if you saw the movie Invincible and I believe it was in Rocky as well.

Across the street is Pat's rival, Geno's Steaks. Geno's made National news a few months ago for displaying a sign that says, "This is America. When Ordering Please Speak English." Since my English is fairly decent I'm going to try them next time.

Between fattening specialty coffees, cheesesteaks and ice cream from several different local vendors, I haven't bothered to count points. Tomorrow is another day, though...

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