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Monday, June 09, 2008


Being a mom is hard work. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either delusional or has never been a mom. Going through surgery and treatment for cancer, along with its lingering effects, is also hard work. Put them both together and you've got quite a challenge. Sadly, there are a lot of women who fall into this category. A few of you cyberfriends unfortunately come to mind.

When I was diagnosed Katie was 10 and Taylor was a few days shy of turning 13. The only "cancer moms" I knew of, I didn't really know. I finally found some women at a message board who started chemo for breast cancer the same month I did. A few of them were mothers and it was great to chat with them, to encourage and be encouraged.

Not all women in the same position have had that available to them. Not until now, anyway. For the last year Whymommy at Toddler Planet has been blogging about her experience with cancer and chemo and radiation and mothering two young boys. She's been an incredible resource for so many people, mostly women, on so many levels. But now she's taken it a step further.

Today is the official launch date for a new website - Mothers With Cancer. There are sixteen contributing moms, myself included, and while none of us are happy about fitting the criteria, we're thrilled at the prospect of helping other women in the same situation. Our cancers and our stories are different, but there are two common denominators - cancer and mothering.

If you know anybody who could benefit from this website, please direct them there.


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