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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sickies, Weight, Age, and Other Depressing Subjects

I'm almost afraid of jinxing myself by typing this, but since I'm not the superstitious type I'm going to type it anyway. Everyone in my family has been sick except for me. Taylor started it off, to be quickly followed by Katie and Todd. Apparently all those immune system workouts at the preschool last year has finally paid off. Still, I wish the rest of the family would feel better. And stop breathing on me.

Todd's folks gave us a Wii for Christmas, including Wii Sport and Wii Fit. There's a fitness test on Wii Sport that measures balance, stamina and strength and then tells you your fitness age. The first time I did it I came up as 57. I'm 43. The goal is 20. No biggy, though. I figured after a couple days of getting into the swing of things I'd test closer to my real age. So two days later I took the test again. This time I scored at 77. As in 20 years older than my already too old score of 57. Made me want to throw a shoe at the TV. I made up for it with my last test, though, where I came up as 31. I think I'll stop with the testing for a while and just go with that score.

To do the Wii Fit you have to make a profile. You give your age and your height, you stand on the balance board to be weighed and it gives you your BMI. It also plumps up your cute little Wii character in direct proportion to your BMI. Which I find very sad because if she is my virtual self shouldn't she look how I WANT to look? You know - tall, thin, alluringly sexy as opposed to short, pudgy and middle aged - how I look in real life.

When I get past my Wii image I thoroughly enjoy it. I do a little yoga, a little balance fitness and a little aerobics for 30 minutes a day and bank my points. Right now I hold the lead in slalom, ski jump, hula hoop*, tight rope and running (I think). And I'm just competitive enough to want to keep those leads.

So the whole point is to exercise every day and watch my little Wii character's BMI go down. So far I've watched it go up. I gained 3.1 pounds in three days and watched my fluffy little Wii girl get fluffier. In my head I know I couldn't have gained 3 pounds of fat that quickly, but it sure is discouraging! No matter. I still plan on having fun with it. Maybe eventually my little Wii chick will be short, thin and middle aged. I'm not keen on the short or the middle aged, but I'll take it.

My only other depressing subject is about tomorrow. The Monday after a two week break. I'm looking forward to getting back to work. I'm just not looking forward to getting up early. And do you know why I get up early? It's not because I have to leave the house at an early hour or anything. No. It's because I'm a bloomin' good mom, that's why! I could easily sleep until 7:30, maybe closer to 8:00 and still get to work by 9:00. But I get up early enough to take my shower and then see Taylor before he leaves for school at 6:45. I could take my shower after that, but then I wouldn't get to hang out with Katie before she leaves at 7:20. For sure I could take my shower after that, but then Sookie would be in her crate from 7:30 until Taylor gets home from school at 3:00. So I sacrifice that which I hold near and dear to my heart just so I can be the loving, nurturing, selfless mom that I am, dangit!

Along those lines, I'm happy to say that it's already the fourth of January and I'm STILL in the running for Mother of the Year 2009. I'm feeling good about it. I really think this is my year!

*If you're interested, and I can't imagine you would be, Todd wrote a post about me and the hula hoop.

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